Thursday, April 12, 2018

Reflection of the week

In literacy this week we where writing response texts on our music concert. I learned the reason that we do response writing is to give an opinion like when judging for example Distasteful, Obnoxious, etc. Now I wonder what type of writing we our going to do after response writing.

In math we worked on a problem where we had to figure out how many tiles we would have to put in Tam's bathroom with a given amount of information. I learned other ways to solve the problem and I learned how to measure in feet and yards. Now I wonder even though the U.S is used to not using the metric system even though it's easier to use.

In U.O.I (PYPX) my group is now going to form a workshop and the the purpose is going to be to show people how they can re purpose non biodegradable items. I think that one of the biggest things that i'm learning is that if you do something that you're committed to doing it can become a lot easier than if you don't like it.  Now i'm starting to wonder what exhibition is going to be like when we perform.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Music concert

On March 15 about two weeks ago the 5th and 4th grade student all preformed a music concert in the UNIS auditorium.  I didn't really like performance because I didn't feel it was very good and there was a lot of pressure with the week's leading up to the performance yet, at the end it was a phenomenal performance for certain aspects.

 I was the person that would make the announcements. I had noticed in times that the announcements would talk in a very boring form which would make you lose your attention for the whole time. That's why I decided to change it and talk professionally while still making a few jokes here and there to capture there attention.

The grade 4 were all dressed in there black and whites while singing certain very entertaining songs that would suit well to dance to.

The grade 5 strings preformed some very simple songs and it was very screechy so that made it quite clear they didn't care much about it. They also had a very upset look on there faces which made me wonder.

I believe the reason that we preformed was to show our talent and progress from how far we've come with our singing and instruments and then showcase it to our family and other's.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Reflection of the week

Takuma a kid in our class is now leaving and I feel sad because I feel like I didn't get to know him very well this year. I also wonder how Takuma is feeling because it must be hard to leave all of your friends behind. Another thing I wonder is how his friends feel being that as I type this blog because this there last day with him. I think that at first he's going to be very upset yet after a few months he will move on and make new friends. I wonder what his new school in Japan is going to be like because I going to go to Japan for spring break.

In my exhibition group I feel kind of nervous because are group is still behind and Ms. Tina is really stressing me out and I think the same for my group member. I something else that is putting us behind is that my group has one other person beside's me and then another group has six people and they get a lot more help than us. I'm getting very angry at my group member because for three days now he has forgot his computer. Something else is that he messes around a lot even more than me and now I feel like i'm doing almost all the work. Yet something good is that our group is good at communicating because we both know each other well.

In reading groups where reading a book called ''Number The Stars.'' I find that it's a very depressing book because it's about world war two. Something that I like about it is that I get to see the perspectives about the normal people that lived in this time period. As for my reading group I feel that where very separated because we can't agree on anything like where to read to and to either do our reflection on a google doc or google slide little stuff like that. Another thing is that we decided to go to chapter ten yet i'm only on chapter four so I don't think I have alot of time during the weekend. something I wonder about world war two is how it ended and how it's going to positively effect people's lives. 


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Reflection of the week

You might or might not have known yet this week we had our music concert. It was actually very fun there was strings, band, choir and another performance involving basketballs. I played the trumpet and the trumpet is an instrument that I don't really like yet even still I think that I've become a lot better because now I practice and, I think I take it more seriously. Everything went well and I got to be the MC which meant that I got to do most of the talking when introducing the performances. I noticed that most of the time the MC talk in a very boring that that doesn't really make you want to listen so I try to stay on the script yet if they then look bored I try to add more onto it.

In exhibition I think that I've changed a lot in our groups because at the start I wasn't very exited because we where limited to only making balls yet now that we've expanded onto what where doing. I think I'm enjoying it more. I used to be worried that our group was behind yet now that I take a look at the other I realize that our isn't behind and where actually ahead of most groups.

In math were still doing probability and I think that I now get what it actually is and it's basically determining the chance of something happening and I think that i'm getting better at it yet I still have a lot to work on. It's also kind of probability against the number of outcomes.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

French Reflection

When I was in the process of making this slideshow I found that this was one of the first projects that I really needed to work outside of the classroom because I started It late since I missed the first day because I was at the youth sports.

Something that I found challenging was mostly the mostly avoir etre and knowing the correct pronunciation.

Something that I found easy was describing the face of the person like ears, nose, etc.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Reflection of the week

This week, in my opinion was one of the busiest weeks of the grade and let me tell you why.

For one we had an ISA test which included math writing and reading. I've never actually like the ISA test because they take forever for one and they sometimes test you on things that you haven't actually learned. Something  good though is that during the test sometimes they give you little treats like mentos, chocolate etc, etc, etc. During well, actually after the first part of the math test I learned that if you get stuck on a question just skip it and go to the next one and, if you have enough time, you can go back to it later.

Our new unit in U.O.I is now the exhibition and I have heard that it is kind of like the big final project for grade five so i'm exited yet nervous at the same time because, there is a lot of pressure and I've 
 heard you have to work at home a lot yet, i'm also exited because, for once we actually get to choose what we want to study about for six weeks. One thing tough that i'm nervous about however, is if I get what i'm truly passionate about and, if I get with some of my friends.

And that concludes my post of the week thank you, for taking your time to read it!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Reflection of the week

This week was a very fun week because of a lot of reasons like that i'm going on vacation early so i'm gonna miss a of next week and yesterday we went on a field trip to the Ho Chi Minh mosulem because he was a very famous leader and that connects to are government unit. One of my questions was he real or not because I feel it would be hard to keep him looking that good for that long.

Today in math we where creating our own financial plan for our own party and what was cool was that there was no limit to how much money we had which made it really fun. And we had to make tax and that was something that made it more annoying.

In literacy where making an outline for our new discussion essay because the last one was like a test yet this is the real deal.

Oh well now i'm done see ya next week of wait we have break yeah!