Thursday, January 18, 2018

Weekly Reflection

Hi guys I hope you are all having a great day!

In our new unit of government at the start of the week we had to vote on are new system that will run are class and democracy won by a landslide and I think it was that way because everyone has a say in what we would be doing.

Honestly democracy still isn't a great system because it takes forever yet I still think that it's better than other systems. And are class is doing it the Vietnamese system so what would happen is that the people vote people to go to the national assembly and from then they vote for head of the military, legislators, people to be head of the court, the president then so on. The president will then vote for the prime minister and they run the military legislator and so on.

The thing that I didn't like about are system though was when Mika made a rule that you have to sanitize your hands every time when you come into the class. Ye that rule hasn't been passed and i doubt most people want to pass it.

Today in class we where playing study ladder which is an online math game which is really fun and yes it was worth my time and I learned more on how to use decimals except for when you have to use decimals when the first number (The dividend) is bigger than the second number (The divisor.) is something that I think I need to work on.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Reflection of the week.

This week was are first week, back from are 3 week winter holidays at first it hard to adjust yet you get used to  it. 

Are new unit in U.O.I is government, Monday we did a Monarchy system which I don't like cause even if your very dumb or if you don't want to be the Monarchy.

 Tuesday we tried the Anarchy system; it was very fun yet we got almost no work done because we didn't really have to. 

 then we tried the dictatorship which out of all the systems is probably my least favorite because dome random person just comes into power and most of the time then they usually mess up the whole country. 

And finally on Thursday we did my favorite a democracy. I like it the most because the people have a say on who comes in to power because they get to vote the person into power.

A few days ago  I learned about the dividend, divisor, quotient so I won't have to just say that number or anything like that anymore. And a few days back I finally discovered how division works and why it's the opposite of multiplication, And now I can use it in a real life situation. And now i get the P.Q aka the partial quotient algorithm I now get it yet right now its all a matter of practice.

This is a new book are class is reading. These are my thinks and wonderers. I think that Rachel is a girl that likes to read. I also think that she likes to read about plane. I think that Tommy is quite dumb. I think that it will take a long time for Rachel to get her voice back. I wonder why Rachel can't talk. I wonder why Tommy likes Rachel. I wonder how Tommy died. I wonder why Rachel's mom and dad are not together. I wonder who Bastion is? I wonder what its like to move a lot? Barkley Bastions pet is a dog. I believe that Bastions family is gonna be sad that there dog is gonna be gone in quarantine. I wonder where there family is now. How is it that the fist chapter has any connection with the first chapter. I wonder where Bastion. I think that Bastion and Rachel are going to end up going to same school. We know that Jessica is hungry most of the time. I wonder what Shawn's story is going to be like. I wonder how old old Darlene is. I don't think Shawn likes Darlene.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Continent groups.

Hey yo WATS ups? The ceiling? Ha! Yet for real now guys so as you guys may know are  U.O.I unit is energy or electricity yet in that there a lot of other types of energy like wind power solar power geothermal and quite a few others. Question do you guys know what the show shark tank? Well where doing a thing sort of like that yet for us where trying to sell a source of energy in the continent of Europe! Yet before I get into this I need to tell ya'll bout yesterday and how we where finding out some facts about Europe like the most dominate source of energy and some geography and that kind of stuff.

So now I will tell all of you guys how we choose are energy source cause its actually kind of interesting. So we all went in a circle and then there was a little plastic box and then there where a few pieces of paper with the energy sources on them. and then  are group got to choose first we got solar yet then we steeled hydro from another group. Yet  we ended up with solar in the end of it all.

So yeah that's my post for the week see ya later and I hope ya'll have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Hey guys and welcome to my blog. Well you may that in 5th grade a few days ago we finished are narratives. And today or this morning if you wish we presented are story's to are grade one buddy's yet I had another buddy because my buddy was on  vacation! So I got another one. And I guess my teacher kind of knew that the buddy's would get bored and they did so he got POPCORN! Yet still they got really distracted yet I don't blame them.

Yet I think that I got a bit of task so now i'm gonna tell all of you guys the writing process. First of you have to brainstorm a think about what you wanna do. personally I think that this is the hardest stage cause you don't know what to write about all the time. Next is the draft that is the part where you do your first story. Then you revise to make changes and such to your story. Then you edit like before you publish and such. And finally when your all done you can then publish! Well that is my post for today see ya later!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Presentation Reflection

I think overall I did a really good job on my presentation yet if I were going to try to change something I believe that if I where to change anything it would be to try to look like I was talking and looking into the camera more often instead of looking at my paper all the time. By guys and c u next time!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Mon animaux presentation

Now this is what I was saying;
Bonjour je m'appelle Zach. J'ai un chat blanc, orange et noir. Elle s'appelle John. Elle a un queue petite est des yeux verts. Et des oreilles grands. Elle a des moustaches longues aussi. Ma chat et tres parresux et mechante. Et on ma opinion elle et tres gros et des pattes tres petites. Mon chat aime moi la tele et la pizza. Et toi? quel et ton animal prefere? Comment est ton amimal domestique? Au revoir!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Electricity is a thing that can be found in quite a few different forms like you may find it outside when you see lightning or inside when you use your lights and all that. But what lightning is made of is a bunch of these little particles to form electricity. Thanks for reading my blog see ya next time!